Tank Featured on Buzzfeed!

While at work yesterday, I received an email from a friend that Tank’s Instagram profile was featured on Buzzfeed. If you’re not familiar with Buzzfeed.com, it’s a website that features trending web content ( i.e. omg, cute, LOL, fail) that people want to share with friends across social networks. Buzzfeed staff posted the article “12 French Bulldogs You Need To Be Following On Instagram”. Sure enough as I’m scrolling down the list, #10 is my pride and joy Mr. Tank aka @tank_2009! It is at that moment I became a proud father…lol.

Check out the list here and give all those frenchies a follow on IG!   ::Warning: Cute Overload::



Angels Baseball 2013

If you couldn’t tell from my Instagram or Twitter account that my favorite MLB team is  the Los Angeles Angels (aka Anaheim Angels), then you probably weren’t paying attention.

Monday, April 1st was the Angels 2013 season opener. The opponent: Cincinnati Reds…..yes, an interleague game to start the season. Weird, right?

In the three-game series, Angels were only victorious once. Not exactly how we wanted to start the season, but there’s PLENTY of baseball left.


Monday – April 1, 2013:             LA Angels 3, at Cincinnati 1  (W)

Wednesday – April 3, 2013:      LA Angels 4, at Cincinnati 5  (L)

Thursday – April 4, 2013:          LA Angels 4, at Cincinnati 5  (L)

*Opening day at Angels Stadium is April 9th!

Follow Us on Vine!

I gave in and created an account on Vine. Not that I needed another social media app to consume my time, but this is pretty cool.

Vine is an app, currently only for iOS, that records six seconds of video and posts it on an endless loop. It does not have to be a continuous video that you record. Tap the screen and hold to record what you want, release to stop, and tap and hold again to complete your video. From there, Vine stitches the recorded video into the timeline of your followers. In the most simplest description, it’s pretty much like Instagram with video.



Runyon Canyon: Hiking and Scenery of Los Angeles

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am ashamed to admit that Saturday was my first time at the famous Runyon Canyon. I’ve seen tons of great pictures online and from friends posting via social media, so I thought this past weekend would be a great opportunity for Luis, Jen and I to venture out to that side of LA and check it out.

After spending about 15 minutes looking for a parking spot, the parking Gods felt bad for us and we lucked out to find a perfect spot at the bottom of the hill. Parking is a hassle, FYI. [But you already knew that the word “parking” and Los Angeles do not mix well]…..Lots of beautiful residential homes on the streets leading up to the start of the trail. I was told there are two ways to enter the trail, but since this was my first time, we just followed the crowds to the nearest entrance. There is not a designated start and finish, so people can choose to hike from either end of the trail. Hikers are of all different fitness levels and dogs of all sizes are following their owners on the paths. Be prepared: you will slip and fall at least once due to the slick gravel and the steepness of some of the hills. And if you’re a pale ghost like me, you will be to layer yourself in strong sunblock to avoid being fried like an egg on a frying pan. Other than that, once you get up to the scenic views of Los Angeles you’ll never want to leave!

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Trupanion Pet Insurance

As a pet owner, you eventually will come across the thought of getting medical insurance for your dog or cat. Some owners choose coverage on day one of bringing the puppy home. Others find it more cost-saving to wait until the older years when pets are more likely to develop costly procedures and medical conditions (i.e. cancer, hip dysplasia, etc.). But when you have a VERY active dog like Tank that constantly runs and jumps on every sofa, it might be better invest in pet insurance early just in case an injury happens one day [knock on wood…]

In 2010 when Tank was under a year-old, we decided to get him pet insurance through VPI. It had great reviews and great customer service, so we decided to go with them over the small companies. Luckily we did because later that year, Tank caught giardia (an infection of the small intestine caused by a parasite). We suspected he got the parasite from eating other dogs poop or drinking stagnant water at the dog park. Either way, Tank did both of those very often in his puppy stages which was one of the factors in us deciding to get pet insurance early.

Tank became very ill with this infection to the point where we thought we was going to die. Fortunately, there were some great doctors at the overnight animal hospital and after many visits to his regular vet, the medications got rid of giardia. Of course the vet visits and medications racked up a good amount in bills, approximately $1,500 total. When I submitted the large $1,000 bill from the overnight emergency room stay to VPI, we were told we could not get reimbursed because we had used all of our coverage for that year already. Mind you that Tank was never sick before this incident, but what we didn’t know was that all of our smaller previous vet visits for shots and checkups were deducting from the amount of total coverage VPI allowed for us for the year. If VPI would have explained this to us in the beginning, we wouldn’t have been submitting claims to get reimbursed for checkups and puppy shots. Instead, we would have been paying for those on our own and saving the pet insurance for a large claim like the overnight emergency visit.

That was our first experience with pet insurance and it’s safe to say that it didn’t go well. Nothing against VPI, it was just a combination of them not fully explaining our coverage and us not knowing that we had an annual limit. We discontinued VPI after that and fast forward to January 2013 where I was searching for pet insurance again. After reading many reviews and asking around many online dog forums, I felt comfortable choosing Trupanion. Lots of recommendations from the french bulldog community and the “No Payout Limit” made it an easy decision. The No Payout Limit is huge because with Trupanion, we are not subject to any per incident limits, annual limits, or lifetime limits on the amount Tank can receive. That was ultimately what hampered us with VPI. We exceeded our annual limit early in the year and were not able to get reimbursed for the expensive giardia bills that came after.

So far I have had great experiences with Trupanion. Friendly customer service when I call, and if needed, I can always change my monthly rate/coverage. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re considering pet insurance.

Twitter: @trupanion

P.S. When you sign up for your coverage, they also send you a cool ID tag for your pup to wear!