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Runyon Canyon: Hiking and Scenery of Los Angeles

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I am ashamed to admit that Saturday was my first time at the famous Runyon Canyon. I’ve seen tons of great pictures online and from friends posting via social media, so I thought this past weekend would be a great opportunity for Luis, Jen and I to venture out to that side of LA and check it out.

After spending about 15 minutes looking for a parking spot, the parking Gods felt bad for us and we lucked out to find a perfect spot at the bottom of the hill. Parking is a hassle, FYI. [But you already knew that the word “parking” and Los Angeles do not mix well]…..Lots of beautiful residential homes on the streets leading up to the start of the trail. I was told there are two ways to enter the trail, but since this was my first time, we just followed the crowds to the nearest entrance. There is not a designated start and finish, so people can choose to hike from either end of the trail. Hikers are of all different fitness levels and dogs of all sizes are following their owners on the paths. Be prepared: you will slip and fall at least once due to the slick gravel and the steepness of some of the hills. And if you’re a pale ghost like me, you will be to layer yourself in strong sunblock to avoid being fried like an egg on a frying pan. Other than that, once you get up to the scenic views of Los Angeles you’ll never want to leave!

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