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Tank Featured on Buzzfeed!

While at work yesterday, I received an email from a friend that Tank’s Instagram profile was featured on Buzzfeed. If you’re not familiar with, it’s a website that features trending web content ( i.e. omg, cute, LOL, fail) that people want to share with friends across social networks. Buzzfeed staff posted the article “12 French Bulldogs You Need To Be Following On Instagram”. Sure enough as I’m scrolling down the list, #10 is my pride and joy Mr. Tank aka @tank_2009! It is at that moment I became a proud father…lol.

Check out the list here and give all those frenchies a follow on IG!   ::Warning: Cute Overload::


Follow Us on Vine!

I gave in and created an account on Vine. Not that I needed another social media app to consume my time, but this is pretty cool.

Vine is an app, currently only for iOS, that records six seconds of video and posts it on an endless loop. It does not have to be a continuous video that you record. Tap the screen and hold to record what you want, release to stop, and tap and hold again to complete your video. From there, Vine stitches the recorded video into the timeline of your followers. In the most simplest description, it’s pretty much like Instagram with video.